Monday, February 14, 2011

How to have A “Fashion” - able Home in 2011

How to have A “Fashion” - able Home in 2011

     Have you ever noticed how the latest influences in fashion design for the season always seem to spill over from the fashion world into the interiors of our homes? Well, this is no mistake! The National Color Institute has the fun job each year of  deciding what colors will be “predicted “ and the fashion and interior design world take them and run with them. These colors end up in our homes and on our clothing. Even the fabrics, textures and patterns used in the fashion industry transcend into our homes.

    If your closet is anything like mine, I have those classic “go to” items that I never get tired of, such as the LBD (little black dress). However, I want to look current and in – style, so I spice those classic items up with something trendy that I don’t have to invest a lot of money in, such as a scarf with a trendy pattern, (leopard) or a pair of heels in the hottest color, (red) and all of a sudden that boring black dress has personality and character. And don’t forget your jewelry!

    Think of your house in terms of fashion and you’ve got it all figured out! Your LBD are your classic main furniture pieces. Then add your new texture and pattern with some inexpensive pillows, runners or table toppers that are easy to change out as the trends fluctuate. Don’t forget to throw in the red heels! Pick up a few select accessory items that will help you incorporate that “pop” of the hottest color, such as a cool colored glass vase or bowl, a tray or candles. Or, if you’re good with a paint brush, find an inexpensive flea market find (such as an end table or side chair and have fun with it). All of these added to your basics will give you a refreshing, new “FASHIONABLE” look for your home.

     My next piece of fashion advice is addressing your homes “jewelry”. Your jewelry adds that bit of sparkle and class to your outfit and must not be forgotten when accessorizing your home to complete the total attire. Your jewelry for your home are your light fixtures and lamps. Your chandeliers are your diamonds and pearls, they are the pieces you select carefully, and sometimes invest a good bit in. You are in a sense married to them. They are not easily changed: however, your lamps are where you can be a little more playful, and fun. They can be your trendy, funky, bling! So, I noticed a lot of deep purple and bright yellow in fashion in the mall yesterday, does that mean redecorating your whole house in purple and yellow this season? Of course not! Just remember, having fun with fashion in your closet as well as in your home is all about staying fresh and rolling with the trends (knowing that they change with the wind) so keep that little black dress and remember, “ a little leopard print goes a long way” !

                                                                                                  Nikki Wiygul