Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 Interior Spring Color Trends - Pastels with a Pop!



          Color trends for your homes Interiors are often reflections of what is front and foremost in the fashion industry. In Spring and Summer of 2013, instead of the hot, vibrant, saturated colors of past seasons, light airy pastels are prevailing . Tangerines and corals as well as minty green, and bubblegum pinks are trending. Also powder blue and lemon meringue are very up and coming.

          The way to utilize this trend toward softer colors and still maximize the impact is to creatively insert bolder hues (even of the same color as the wall) on fabrics and accessories. For example, if the walls are pale yellow, bright lemon yellow accessories or yellow sunflowers in a vase act as the compliment and juxtaposition all one in the same. Minty green walls could be set off with lime green or forest green. Even deep purple plums and hot fushia would give your room personality and interesting pizazz.

          Not only has the color palette for walls and fabrics evolved, there has been a visible shift in use of materials and colors in furnishings. Lighter wood stains are coming back in vogue. Maple, fruit wood, pine and whitewashed wood tones are reminiscent of the "oak" stains of the past, but are much more refined in appearance and spirit. Gold metals, mostly matte gold, are also coming on strong to dress up and give warmth and flash to the transitional market.The rustic, industrial past is shifting. 2013 furnishings exemplify clean, streamlined structure and fresh glamor without the cold contemporary edge.

          Don't be afraid to approach and embrace new ideas, trends and designs in your own home. Spice up your life with this fresh look of Spring 2013.