Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Comfortable, Peaceful...Serenity

Comfortable, Peaceful...Serenity

          After long, hectic hours at the office, our homes should be a place to retreat and look forward to resting at the end of each day. Creating a feeling of comforting surroundings with familiar and cherished items around our interiors makes our house truly a home. Your favorite chair or spot on the sofa that has been seasoned over time is not cherished as much by anyone but you. Adding that plush, warm blanket and throw pillow is the icing on the cake in the quest for relaxation.

          Customizing the bedroom is even more important to our daily mental and emotional state of well being. Is your bed the right size for you? Is your bedding beautiful and inviting in fabrics that are comfortable and soothing? Do the patterns and colors make you happy and at peace? This is your special cocoon and should be one of the most pleasing rooms in the interior of your home. Other bedrooms in the house should be just as inviting. When family and friends come to visit and stay for the upcoming holidays make their retreat just like a home away from home and they will always enjoy returning in the future. Bella Interiors offers all of these special items to give your home that comfortable, peaceful feeling of serenity. All bed sets and throw pillows are on sale 20% off through the month of September! Let the designers at Bella help you truly make your house a haven."If it's's Bella!"

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