Friday, June 19, 2015

Define : Transitional Style

What is Transitional Style?
          Transitional Style is the combination or blending of the traditional and contemporary styles. It is a cleaner more simplistic, yet sophisticated style with a lack of ornamentation and decoration; however, it is not cold and impersonal. Transitional furniture features straight as well as curved lines to represent a masculine and feminine marriage creating classic, timeless design.

          There is a lack of color in this new style using mostly neutrals such as browns or grays, but where there is a lack of color in fabrics, texture takes up the slack for needed warmth and variety. Accessories are minimal using repetition and symmetry for balance and unity. Finishes can be mirrored, silver or gold often even with natural rustic elements mixed in again for texture and added depth. Transitional style is the fresh approach to finally taking a step forward in interior design in a traditional based society.

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