Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ready Made Drapery Panels- Instant Gratification!

                                              Ready Made Drapery - Instant Gratification!
          Ready made drapery panels in all lengths and patterns are becoming much more available and of higher quality than those of the past. Fully lined panels are offered in standard lengths of 84", 96", and sometimes even 108" in length which allows several options to mount your panels in relation to the height of your windows and ceiling. Mounting the rod and panels above the window frame can give you the vertical illusion of height and makes windows appear taller.

          It is even easy to create different styles with your panels according to the top treatment of your panel. The header of the panel can reveal a rod-pocket, which in this case, the rod slides in-between the two layers of fabric into the pocket. Using a rod pocket treatment often creates a header or ruffle at the top of your rod and doesn't allow the rod to be visible except at the ends of the drapery. Another top treatment are back tabs in which the tabs are sewn to the back side of the panel and the rod slides through these tabs. Next, are top tabs attached to the top of the panel, made of the same fabric. The rod is visible from tab to tab. A more contemporary top is the grommet - a metal ring sewn into the drapery fabric across the top which the rod slides through and forms a "soft folded look". The most traditional treatment is using drapery rings with attached clips or drapery pins to attach the rings to the fabric panel. Drapery rings are available in wood and metal as well as many different finishes according to the style you want. The rings slide onto the rod allowing for the rod to show and complete the style of the room and treatment.

          Variety is also achieved by the way you decide to treat the panel when it is hung. Two panels per window can frame the window on each side hanging straight down in column fashion or can be pulled together at the top of the window and pulled apart or tied back at the lower half with a tassel tieback or a decorative holder. If one panel is chosen per window, each window can have the panel hanging straight or tied back to opposing sides. Ready made panels are also usually much more affordable than custom made draperies if you don't mind being somewhat limited in your selection of fabrics, patterns and colors. Another advantage to these types of treatments are that it is an easy, quick do it yourself project that can beautifully decorate a space and provide instant gratification.