Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Floor Plans - A Rug for all Occasions

Floor Plans - A Rug for All Occasions

          When it comes to the Interior Design of your home, nothing makes a home more complete and cozy than draperies on the windows and rugs on the floors. The right color, style and size rug can create a conversation area. As well as provide color, pattern and character, a rug can truly define a space. Almost like a fine oil painting placed strategically on the floor to pull together a room, as well as provide comfort under foot, a good rug can be an investment that you can enjoy for years.

          Since a rug can be an investment, it is good to know what quality and type you are looking for. There are three general types of rug construction which also dictate quality and price. These three types are - hand-knotted, hand- or gun-tufted, and machine-made.

         Hand - knotted rugs are the most desirable of the three. They have the highest level of craftsmanship and are also the hardest to put a distinct value on. Because of their unique variations in color and design, as well as the long amount of time it takes to hand make each rug, they are at the top of the price range. Wool is the best rug content material. It improves over time and develops a wonderful patina.

        Hand- or gun-tufted is the second type of construction. These cost less than hand-knotted and are produced quickly requiring less labor and skill. Although they can be custom sized, the construction of the rug can disintegrate over time. The rug is stenciled on the back and then yarns are inserted into the design. The pile material is then set in latex and then covered with material on the back

         Machine-made, the third type of construction, uses computer technology to reproduce any design and color in mass quantity using natural and synthetic material for the pile.This type is usually the most economical of the three.

         Bella Interiors offers each of these three varieties of rugs, with a good selection ready to buy right off the sales floor. We also special order any size and style from our many rug resources. Come to Bella and let our experienced design staff help you find a rug for any and all occasions.