Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Natural Inspiration

What inspires you in the natural environment you observe and experience each day? The beauty of the green earth, the vibrant colors of the flowers of spring, the white snow on the majestic mountaintops, the flow of the river ocean tide, peacefulness and glow of a setting or rising sun in the blue sky or the twinkle of the stars like diamonds in the dark of night? Let that inspiration filter and overflow into your home décor to create an interior environment that will inspire you daily. Whether your inspiration is reflected in your paint colors or the color palette of the fabrics on pillows, bedding and drapery. Or maybe it is unique accessories chosen. Even simply setting your dining room or breakfast table can become a work of art.
Pictured here is beautiful décor that may inspire you.
                                                 Floral and accessories inspired by spring
                          A tablescape that reflects the colors of the ocean, coral and sunshine!


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