Friday, March 18, 2011

We Southern Woman LOVE our "Stuff"!

Knick-knacks in our homes seem to reproduce like rabbits! We all want our homes to be beautifully appointed with accessories. Everything we have seems to have meaning, importance and value. We also seem to want to put everything on display ALL at once! My grandmother saved everything, kept every memento, and had it ALL on display. I certainly loved her very much, but I also don’t want my home to have that “look”. Yes, for lack of a better term, we all understand the word – CLUTTERED! So here are a few basic pointers on how to accessorize...
1. Edit & Rotate
I know this is a hard one, but think of it this way- you will have the chance to use it all, just not all at the same time. Pick your absolute favorites. Less is more – the fewer items you have on a tabletop the easier it is for the eye to rest on each one and; therefore, each one gets fully appreciated, not lost in the crowd. A good rule of thumb is three items per tabletop. Then after awhile, put these items away and rotate them with some you have put away.

2. Think Big
Bigger is always better. Little things lose their importance. It is good to have varying sizes of items on your table as well as different heights and textures to create interest.

3. Momentos,Collections, and Keepsakes
Yes, designers do want you to use these in your home. This is what makes your home YOU and gives it your personality and character. However, consider using only a couple of favorite photos of your family and children per room. Every cutesy,gifty item you’ve ever received . . . cherish them, but you don’t have to decorate your home with them. Rotate collections and collectibles seasonally. Perhaps display your beautiful glassware collection in the spring, figurines in the fall, and silver in the winter.

4.Hire an Interior Designer
Some of you may feel overwhelmed with numbers 1-3. The task of making decisions on what to use, what to put away, what to buy new can be stressful. Hire an Interior Designer who can give you an objective opinion and take care of it all for you! This is one of my favorite things to do for a client. With little investment (a designers hourly rate) you can get a professional look created with all of your personal items from someone who is not as closely attached to the items as you. A designer will know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to beautiful display.

So, Southern Ladies....enjoy using ALL that you have, rotating it and having a fresh new look for yourself and your friends. Each time you entertain, everyone will think you have all new “stuff,” and it will look beautiful and be appreciated so much more! Happy Accessorizing! Or ...Call Me! 

Nikki Wiygul