Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jewelry for your Room to Wear

             Jewelry to Make Your Room Sparkle

     More often than not, some very important details often get overlooked in our homes. The details that really add the "bling" and the character to your space are not even contemplated. These details are like putting on your jewelry to match or to complete your outfit before you leave the house. Without this jewelry there is no sparkle, no pizzazz. The jewels I'm referring to are hardware and lighting.Without door and cabinet hardware, as well as unique light fixtures, a space lacks the attention to detail that can put the decor over the top. I know, you say such small things don't make a difference, but in the total package they are the wrapping paper and fancy bow that gets someone excited to rip it open and discover what's inside! 

     Maybe you bought a house with plain round knobs on all the cabinet doors and drawers, or featured stock light fixtures. Maybe all of the hardware and fixtures were an outdated finish and you just never bothered to change them. With a small budget and a little imagination these features can be changed very easily by yourself, and you end up with a whole new look. When making selections, think of the finish, the shape, and the size, and then go bold and unique. Remember, this is your jewelry, not your khaki pants and white shirt! The finish of door hardware should be cohesive throughout the house; however, cabinet hardware and light fixtures can differ from room to room. Even if you choose to use the same finish throughout, use different style hardware for your cabinets in each bath, as well as the kitchen and laundry. Don't delay to attack this project - it will be well worth it.