Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spectacular Small Spaces

How to Decorate Small Spaces

     How do you decorate a small space and make it beautiful, comfortable, and functional? Keep it simple! When you have a small space every piece of furniture becomes a focal point; therefore, each piece should look great, but more importantly, the space has to function for its purpose and your needs. It is always best in a small area to use minimum furniture with maximum function. Often pieces of furniture, as well as certain areas in the space, have to serve multi functions  For example, a daybed may serve as as sofa as well as a bed. A built in cabinet with shelves may also be utilized as a desk. An extra closet or cubby may also be an office area.

     When your space is being used for several tasks it is also good design to delineate each area in some way to define as well as set apart the separate areas. There are several ways you can divide a space between living and eating, sleeping or office work. Creatively hang a curtain, place a shelving unit or decorative screen between areas or use more permanent architectural elements such as columns, glass or brick wall partitions to form instant "rooms".  You can also simply use furniture arrangement, rugs, or artwork on the walls to further define each space. Just because your space isn't spacious doesn't mean you can't use some of these design tricks to make it turn out spectacular! Just keep it simple!