Tuesday, June 11, 2013


          When it comes to the interior decor of your home, the most important final step in decorating is adding finishing touches that truly make your house personal to you and to your guests. Everyone likes to display and look at family photos or pictures of momentous occasions in your life that are special to you. Displaying these in beautiful, unique photo frames adds to the importance of each one. Along with adding frames to your decor, everyone enjoys an intoxicating fragrance filling the air. 
         Candles are another personal touch  you can add to your home that can be pretty, colorful and scented. All of these personal touches and more are offered at Bella Interiors through the month of June at a 20% discount! Come by and check out the variety of picture frames in all shapes and sizes and candles in all sizes, colors and scents. If not for yourself, pick up a gift for someone special in your life. Bella Interiors carries Illume and Circle E candles as well as fragrances by Hillhouse and  colorful Vance Kittara.

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