Monday, January 24, 2011

Trend to Quality

With the passing recession, I see the tide turning toward quality furnishing. Prior to 2008, it seemed that the public was interested in what I like to call "disposable" furniture. This being low quality, trendy items that could be bought at a low price. The intent was to be stylish for a short while, then redecorate in a few years and not feel guilty about throwing out the old and replacing it all.

For the past two years, however, the public was replacing nothing. Times have been tough. People began to reflect and get back to the basics. While watching their "disposable" furniture fall apart, without the ability or confidence in the economy to replace it, it became apparent that there is something to be said for a quality built sofa that will be around to pass on to their children. Now I see the trend turn towards buying new classic furniture that is of quality. These new classics are typically simple in design but are styled from classic pieces.

-Penny Bowen, Owner Bella Interiors/Penny Bowen Designs, Inc.

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