Monday, October 10, 2011

Interior Design - Let's get "Personal"

What is it about a small town that attracts people to want to live, visit, and shop there?Is it the personality of the town? Is it the quaintness and character of the landscape, businesses and people? Most importantly, it is the ability to form close, personal, lasting relationships with the people you live by and do business with, those relationships that you continue to nurture and enjoy for years. In a small town, businesses seem to stay around for awhile. The same local people meet you, greet you and serve you day in and day out. There is something very comforting about this kind of permanence and continuity.
Working with clients as an Interior Designer in a small town is no different. Offering clients quality products and services becomes an ongoing project. Formin
g a lasting working relationship is also ongoing. The Client/Designer relationship almost always develops into a close personal friendship. Getting to know clients' homes, families and lifestyles and growing together is the most rewarding aspect. Often beginning a project with one generation continues with the next generation, as they also want to do business with you because of that very relationship you have fostered over the years. Working closely with a family who wants to create fun, functional spaces for their young children eventually evolves into re-designing the home for the new empty- nesters who then want new furniture and a space designed for adult entertaining and relaxation.
I encourage you as a client to find that wonderful designer and friend that you know will be there for you, provide outstanding results for your home, and also be someone you are comfortable with, that you will want to continue to return to in the future.The Designers at Bella Interiors want to begin that personal relationship with you. So, get "personal" with your Interior Designer, and the end result will be more than just a "decorated" house - it will be a HOME everyone will enjoy.

Nikki Wiygul
Interior Designer
Bella Interiors

Penny Bowen & her client Susan Gravlee at Alabama football game!

Penny Bowen & another favorite client, Dr. Bethany Hairston

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