Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Memory Blocks

Looking for a special and unique gift for someone, perhaps a wedding, anniversary or birthday gift? Come to Bella Interiors and see our Sid Dickens Memory Blocks. Bella Interiors is the exclusive retailer in this and the surrounding area that sells the tiles. A Sid Dickens Memory Block is a piece of artwork that is a hand- crafted plaster tile that represents history in a very whimsical modern way.

The artist, Sid Dickens is from Vancouver, Canada and has traveled the world over gathering mementos from his journeys. After receiving inspiration during his many travels he wanted to capture his memories of bookstores, museums, and historical architecture from around the world in a beautiful art form. Each tile has an artistic image on the front while the back depicts a unique quote or meaning to accompany the artwork. Some tiles are finished to a porcelain - like quality, while others have a cracked weathered stone look.

You can start with a single tile or build a collection according to your budget. This is a very affordable way to decorate with hand-crafted original artwork at a starting price far below that of prints or paintings. These tiles can be grouped in a variety of arrangements according to subject matter, color, or space to convey your own style. Each season new tiles are introduced into the collection while others are retired. This formulates an ever changing and fresh collection while the retired tiles increase in value and desirability. Give that special someone something unique that they can enjoy and add to over time. Help them start their own personal collection with Sid Dickens Memory Blocks from Bella Interiors!

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