Thursday, September 13, 2012

Style Trends 2012

Interior Design Market 2012 – STYLE TRENDS

     The new style trends offer something for everyone. Vintage Appeal, Loft Exotic and Urban Luxe were evident influences in lamps, furniture, accessories, artwork and rugs for the interior and exterior of your home. Vintage Appeal consists of weathered white - wash finishes, antiqued mirrored glass and historical influences reminiscent of French Country design and Old World inspiration. Loft Exotic is for those of us who crave color and eclecticism. Splashes of warm saturated color, cultural motifs and contemporary art or light fixtures are thrown in the mix for the most fashion forward appeal. Urban Luxe exudes a sophisticated almost masculine vibe with a dramatic neutral palette. Bold statement pieces with an artistic flair, and transitional artwork are paired with neutral elements and shots of cool vibrant blue to complete the look. All of these trends will be evident in items arriving daily at Bella Interiors. The time is now to be in style!

                                                                   Vintage Appeal

                 Loft Exotic                                                                                    Urban Luxe    

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