Monday, January 21, 2013

Personal Shopper


     Do you often spend hours, if not days, shopping around all your local stores or browsing the internet looking for that perfect piece of furniture for your space? Do you become overwhelmed or UNDER whelmed by the lack of interesting and different styles and selection of lamps, mirrors, paintings, or accessories? Most likely you end up exhausted and frustrated and even more confused not knowing for certain if the pieces you find will fit your space, or even fit in with the rest of your decor. Let an Interior Designer be your "personal shopper" and take away all of the worry and stress of making your home beautiful. Interior Designers are knowledgeable of all the products, and latest styles available and have hundreds of resources to choose from at their fingertips.After a few quick measurements and taking a look at your space, or even looking at photos of what you like and already have, a designer can determine a lot about your personal needs, wants, and style. A good designer will not force her own style on her selections for you ,but will offer a few options and provide guidance for you to make the final decisions. Going one place for all of your design purchases and letting a professional narrow it all down for you also helps to create a flowing cohesive and beautiful end result instead of just having a bunch of "stuff" thrown together. Bella Interiors offers this one-stop shopping experience with qualified and experienced designers on hand to guide you. Come by or call and set up an appointment with your own personal shopper today!


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