Thursday, March 28, 2013

Outdoor Entertaining...Dont Forget the DETAILS!

Outdoor Entertaining....don't forget the DETAILS!

     Creating an outdoor living space is just as important as designing the interior of your home. Think of your outdoor space as an extension of, and reflection upon, what lies inside. Allow the two spaces to flow and intermingle with each other. To accomplish this, your outdoor room must have beauty as well as durability suitable to withstand the outdoor elements. Select your main furniture pieces keeping in mind areas designed specifically for lounging, gathering, serving and dining. After your main pieces are established remember the DETAILS. The details are what create character, style and ambiance.

     If it is within your budget, structural features are great additions. An outdoor fireplace or fountain, or even a built in bar or kitchen area will be enjoyed by all. Accessorizing your space with details such as outdoor rugs, table top water features, outdoor wall art and lighting is what transforms your patio into a room. Pots and planters complete the room and define your living spaces. Using seasonal plants and flowers in decorative containers allows you to further enjoy "livng" in your space year round.

     BELLA INTERIORS is now extending their interior selections to include outdoor living and entertaining. Arriving in the store for Spring...outdoor furniture, art glass solar yard stakes, art glass wall art and birdbaths, candelabras, Talevera torches and pottery, outdoor rugs, tabletop fountains, colorful drinking glasses and serving pieces for entertaining...and much, much MORE!!! Let Bella make the exterior of your  home just as beautiful, inviting and enjoyable as the interior. Happy Entertaining!!!  

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