Friday, May 17, 2013

Dress up Your Windows in Style

 Dress Up Your Windows

     Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than window treatments. There is something almost magical that occurs when a window is draped. A room immediately becomes cozier and has a true purpose, making a house feel like a home. Drapery can also be an architectural as well as beautiful creation. A window can be disguised, made to appear wider, taller, or shorter all by the way it is treated. Function is also very important when selecting the style and fabric used for a treatment. Privacy, light control, and beauty all need to be considered. There are unlimited fabric and style options available.

     Many treatments can be purchased ready to install immediately. Or, a custom made treatment can give a home character and personality unique to the homeowners personal taste and style. When creating something custom, a treatment is designed with all of these specifics in mind. A fabric is selected to compliment existing interior decor and often decorative trim and hardware are added for the finishing touch.

     Bella Interiors can assist you with all of your design needs when it comes to ready made or custom treatments. All in stock drapery and hardware are offered at a 20% discount throughout the month of May. So don't leave you windows undressed, make your house feel like a warm, cozy, inviting HOME today.

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