Thursday, August 8, 2013

Moving Day!

Moving Day!

     When moving day arrives and you have to look at, pick up, and move every single item you own, it is often a good time to re-evaluate the good, the bad, and the ugly.... We often face the challenge of getting rid of some possessions. Most often, out-dated and worn furniture, lamps, bedding, rugs, and accessories are the items we need to let.... well, move on! Moving day is also a very optimistic and exciting time; however, to explore new opportunities to improve, revamp or totally change your design style. Find out what you have that you really like. What really makes YOU "happy". Don't be held captive by those pieces that have never been really to your liking. Maybe those pieces were your mothers or handed down from someone or some where else. Develop your own identity when it comes to your home decor. What is your style? Or what do you want it to be?

      Bella Interiors will be experiencing its own "moving day" throughout the first weeks of August. Bella's interior designers have returned from market where furnishings and accessories were purchased with the latest styles in mind. To make it easy to determine your likes and find or develop your own style, the store will be transformed into several style vignettes. Shipments of new furniture, accessories, rugs and artwork are being unboxed daily in anticipation of the big reveal. Styles represented will be Country French, Shabby Chic, Ultra Contemporary, Transitional, Traditional, Colorful Bohemian, and the Lodge look. The designers are excited about guiding our customers to the area in the store that suits their taste. Along with the new vignettes, Bella-loo will be featuring new towels and products for the bath area. Circle E Candles, new jewelry from Towne & Reece, beautiful new florals, as well as great fall and holiday decor are coming soon! Come see what's exciting and new at Bella Interiors!

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