Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Going for Gold!

Going For Gold!

     The latest noticeable and somewhat surprising trend in interiors is the resurgence of gold. Gold cabinet and bath hardware, gold light fixtures, gold accents in furniture and accessories, and of course gold mirrors. When a trend reappears as seen often in the fashion industry it is never repeated quite the same way. A decade or so goes by and a fashion trend comes back in vogue; however, it is slightly altered to make it seem new and current to today's modern appeal. Gold has returned, but not in the form of the shiny brass of days gone by. Today's gold accents are much more sophisticated and contemporary featuring a more matte or brushed finish similar to the brushed nickel finish that took over shiny chrome silver. Even an interesting combination of  gold and silver finishes together feels fresh, new and appealing to a whole new design savvy generation.


     Right now, in Interior Design, any and all styles are trending allowing us each to truly have a style in our home that completely appeals to our individual taste and comfort level. From contemporary to traditional, rustic to transitional, industrial to bohemian, or just an eclectic blend of several styles- anything goes. The same design concept applies when it comes to finishes. Bronze, chrome, bushed nickel, copper or gold, everything is available.What an exciting array of options to choose from to make your home beautiful! Just don't be surprised when you notice many of us going for the gold once again!

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