Monday, August 25, 2014

 20 Tips to Give A Room Seasonality

 As we get ready to make the transition to the next season there are several quick and easy ways to give a room a seasonal touch. Here are 20 Easy Interior Design Tips for Fall!

  1. Rotate accessories - Instead of using everything at once, put a few items away until next summer. When you use them again they will seem fresh and new.
  2. Use seasonal fruit and nuts in bowls or containers to decorate with.(Apples, pumpkins, gourds, corn, walnuts)
  3. In place of a flower arrangement, create something with natural materials such as branches, antlers, feathers, or pinecones. Make an arrangement on a large scale for more impact.
  4. Use seasonal throw blankets that are heavier, richer colors for fall and winter and store them through the warm months.
  5. Pillows and accessories with deeper richer colors can also be rotated for a new look.
  6. New candles or scents that remind you of the season in main living areas sets the mood.
  7. Switch your family and personal photos to all black and white and group several together in a collage for more impact.
  8. New bath towels and/or table linens are an inexpensive tool for freshening up. Try texture mixed together with sparkle to give a layered look.
  9. As always, in fall and winter...Add a splash of red!
  10. Add decorative trim to curtains, pillows, table runners or toppers.
  11. Play with lighting by changing to different style light bulbs in lamps and chandeliers. Add dimmer switches to create more ambience.
  12. Go high drama with dark paint. Paint one or all walls dark chocolate, indigo, or even black!
  13. If you want to keep your existing wall color, paint your trim or doors dark chocolate, or charcoal.
  14. Paint a piece of furniture a high - gloss pop of color.
  15. Paint dining chairs black and re cover the seats with a new fabric.
  16. Wallpaper a powder room ceiling for pattern and interest.
  17. Add a piece of glass or mirror to a table top.
  18. Skirt a table.
  19. Add a bench or ottoman to a furniture grouping.
  20. Hang artwork or mirrors in an unexpected location such as over a door or cabinet, or on a pilaster.

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