Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Glamorous Life

          Do you enjoy do it yourself design shows or have a knack for pulling things together in your own home as well as for friends? If you've ever thought about the idea of becoming an Interior Designer, you may be surprised to know that although it has its rewarding moments, it is not the glamorous profession most imagine it to be. The life of an Interior Designer is not just simply selecting pretty colors and fabrics, but it is often very hands on and labor intensive. 

          Spending many hours working on a project from beginning to end and problem solving as issues arise are all a part of the end result and ultimately a happy, satisfied client. Some designers spend hours in a hot warehouse literally getting their hands dirty, unboxing, lifting, loading, and moving heavy furniture from place to place. A majority of a designers job is the coordination of subcontractors. A few responsibilities involve meeting with clients, planning, selecting colors, materials and finishes, measuring, creating decorative treatments, and working with a workroom to have treatments fabricated. Also, a designer may hang wall decor and window treatments and pull together a room or a whole house while implementing good design principals and techniques. Estimating treatments and working with a budget is also very important. 
          A good designer has to be knowledgeable and savvy of the marketplace and know the quality of products that are offered in order to narrow down choices for their clients. Although there are many facets to interior design, developing working relationships that turn into friendships with clients, and seeing the entire project evolve into a beautiful end result is very rewarding.

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